Does Argan Oil Expire?

Does Argan Oil Expire
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Argan oil has gained plenty of traction in the skin and hair care industry. The oil is known to have lots of moisturizing and radiance-boosting properties that can save damaged hair and give life to dull skin. Hence, you will see lots of pure argan oil and skin/hair care products containing this wonder oil.

Apart from being a commonly used product for skin and hair maintenance, it is also used for cooking. The process for preparing edible argan oil differs slightly from argan oil used for cosmetic purposes though.

Lots of people are curious about argan oil and have questions about it. How can you identify authentic argan oil? Does argan oil expire? We have answers for you in this article, so do keep reading.

Recognizing Adulterated Argan Oil: Does Argan Oil Expire?

Of course, nobody wants to buy a product that claims to be 100% genuine only to find out that it’s impure. Because argan oil is popular these days, it has attracted shady businesses that churn out products that claim to be authentic and concentrated but are not. You will see lots of skin and hair care products containing argan oil, but they don’t always contain pure, unadulterated argan oil.

Thinned out, impure argan oil can be harmful to your skin and hair so it is important that you know how to differentiate adulterated ones from the genuine products. One thing you have to look for is the amount of deposits an argan oil product has.

The pure kind of argan oil has a hint of cloudiness to it. This can usually be explained by the fact that the product has undergone minimal filtering. Another thing you should pay attention to is the smell of the product. The oil should come with a slight, nut-like smell to it. If you are sensitive to fragrances you do not need to worry though because the smell disappears as soon as you put the product on your hair or skin.

Furthermore, you can tell if a product is impure by observing its texture. The oil should have a smooth, silky feel to it. Apart from that, the oil should feel soothing as soon as you apply it on your skin. If the product has a tacky, slimy or thin texture or stings your skin when it is applied, the product is tainted and impure.

Packaging is also another important factor in storing argan oil. Do not buy argan oil that comes in plastic containers since the material degrades the quality of the oil inside. The bottle must also have a label that describes the oil’s ingredients in percentages. This helps the user be fully aware of the components of the products they are using.

Does Argan Oil Expire?

Like all organic products, argan oil expires eventually. However, it will take years before it goes bad. Authentic argan oil can last for up to 2 years, but you have to be certain that you are following the proper way of storing the item.

An ideal spot to store argan oil is in a cool, dry place at room temperature. You can also store the item in the fridge. By storing in an appropriate setting, you will guarantee that its quality will not deteriorate. Avoid storing the product in a damp, hot area of the house like the bathroom.

You should always inspect the label of the bottle because most labels include the manufacturing and expiration dates of the product. However, if the bottle doesn’t include this information, you have to go by the scent test. If the oil has a rancid scent to it, then it means it has gone bad and you need to replace it.

While pure argan oil indeed has its advantages, the same thing cannot be said about adulterated or impure argan oil. This means you have to be careful when selecting the product you want to purchase.

Checking information about the product first and the brand or company behind it will benefit you. This is even more important if you plan on purchasing online. Read reviews of the products online. You can also ask for recommendations from your family, friends, dermatologists and co-workers.

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