Gai Purity Argan Oil Review

Gai Purity Argan Oil Review
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When you first experience the velvety texture of Gai Purity argan oil, you will likely want to use it again and again! You will also continue using it on a daily basis, with your skin, hair and nails becoming healthier for it.

For those who aren’t familiar with the product, argan oil is the plant oil extracted from the kernels of the argan fruit, which are obviously harvested from the argan tree. This is a relatively small tree cultivated in Morocco, a country that supplies most, if not all, of the world’s argan oil.

Argan oil is a relatively expensive plant oil for the mass market, especially in comparison with the likes of lavender oil and jojoba oil, among others. This is partly because of the labor-intensive process involved in its production, especially where cracking the nuts and getting the kernels inside them are concerned. In fact, these steps can only be done by hand since it has proven extremely challenging for producers to mechanize them.

Features of the Gai Purity Argan Oil

But even with the higher price, the Gai Purity Argan Oil is still among the more popular of its kind in the market because of the following features.

100% authentic argan oil imported from Morocco

Many cheaper argan oils aren’t the real deal mainly because these have been diluted with water or carrier oils. Their efficacy in restoring the health of your skin, hair and nails aren’t as guaranteed in comparison with 100% argan oil. Their look, feel and smell will also be affected because of the dilution, such as a more watery consistency or a neutral smell.

In contrast, the Gai Purity Argan Oil has a thicker consistency due to its 100% pure argan oil content – no fillers like water and carrier oils, as well as no preservatives and additives.  Even its color, in and out of the bottle, indicates that it’s the real deal – a light golden yellow color that many compare to light-colored honey.

The faint nutty smell also indicates that it’s fresh and pure instead of mixed with other carrier oils. But if you’re bothered by the smell, you can wait for it to dissipate a few minutes after applying on your skin or hair, or mix a few drops with a fragrant carrier oil, or combine a few drops with your scented body lotion or face cream. Many women, nonetheless, find the slight nutty smell pleasant, not to mention that it dissipates on its own.

Fast absorption into the skin and hair

The Gai Purity argan oil leaves a shiny film after application, a natural thing since it’s a plant oil, after all. But because the skin easily and quickly absorbs it, the shiny film fades away within 15 minutes or so, especially when it’s been rubbed well.

Plus, it’s best to use just 1-2 drops for your entire face and body to reduce the shininess while still providing your skin with argan oil’s hydrating properties. Depending on your hair’s thickness and texture, a single drop will suffice as a leave-on conditioner and scalp protector.  Just gently rub into your scalp and focus on the ends of your hair for best results.

Argan oil can also be easily washed off with tap water.  When you leave it on your skin or hair overnight, it will be largely absorbed so washing off the residue will only take a minute or two.

Has hydration properties

The main reason why Moroccan women have used pure argan oil as part of their beauty routine is that it provides plenty of hydration – or moisture – for the skin and hair.  When it’s applied, it helps the skin to lock in moisture and prevents the drying effect of heat sources, such as the sun, as well as curlers, blow dryers, and irons, on it. The thin film of argan oil acts as a shield against the adverse effects of environmental factors, chemical dyes, and hair appliances.

With regular and proper application on the skin, hair and nails, argan oil has been proven effective in restoring the health of aging skin and damaged hair.  Most of its users, especially the women, report that their skin becomes smoother and suppler with reduced signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Even their hair appears bouncier and thicker with decreased appearance of fly-aways, split ends, and frizz, especially when used as an overnight leave-on conditioner at least twice a week.

These benefits don’t just come from argan oil’s hydrating properties either. Argan oil also contains high levels of vitamins A, C and E as well as antioxidants and essential fatty acids (e.g., omega-3), which have anti-aging properties. For example, vitamins A, C and E are considered as the trinity of anti-aging creams because these promote healthy skin cell production and protect against the effects of free radicals.


  • 100% authentic argan oil
  • Safe and effective for use in all types of skin in men, women and children
  • Can be mixed with carrier oils, body lotions, or with bath water, as well as used on its own
  • Delivers on the promise of smoother and softer skin, as well as healthier hair
  • Reasonably priced considering its benefits


  • Cannot be used as makeup primer


The Gai Purity Argan Oil is an affordable investment in your young-looking skin, hair and nails! Each 4-ounce bottle will last for several weeks, too.

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