How to Apply Argan Oil to the Face

How to Apply Argan Oil to the Face
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Argan oil was first promoted as a hair treatment and maintenance product. However, it is a very versatile product and its benefits extend beyond hydrating and smoothing out hair. It is also an excellent skin care product due to its ultra-moisturizing properties.

How to Apply Argan Oil to the Face

You can use pure argan oil as an all-in-one item for the whole body and there are also separate skin and hair care products which contain the oil. If you use it in its pure oil form, there is a proper way to apply it to the hair and face. Let’s discuss more of its benefits and the right way to apply argan oil to the face.

Argan oil is considered the Holy Grail of skin and hair care products by some as it is so rich in powerful compounds. The oil includes lots of antioxidants, linoleic acids, tocopherol and omega fatty acids.

Because of its high nutrient content, argan oil is considered to be a kind of superfood for the skin and hair. If you suffer from constant inflammation of the skin, you can apply the oil on it which will help ease and hydrate the affected area.

Furthermore, it also helps manage oil production for oily skin types. The product balances levels of sebum and this leads to smaller pores and lesser oil. People with oily skin are often wary of putting more oil on their faces, but argan oil equalizes natural oil production in order to avoid acne breakouts and other related skin conditions.

The amount of antioxidants in argan oil can also reduce acne and bumps caused by shaving while the vitamin E or tocopherol is great for healing. It is also a gentle product that people with skin conditions ranging from rosacea, eczema and psoriasis can use.

The product is also a great anti-aging oil due to the presence of antioxidants. These antioxidants fight off UV radiation and free radicals which can rapidly age the skin.

The oil can be used both at night and during the day. In the daytime, you can use it as a moisturizer while at night you can use it as a more extensive treatment to give the oil more time to do fully do its job. You can use it to treat cuticles, moisturize nails, the whole body and dry hair.

If you are a beginner, you can start using the oil on your face by making it a part of your routine at night. Once your skin starts to absorb the oil more, you can begin using the product as a moisturizer 2 times daily. Here are some more tips on how to apply argan oil to the face.

First, you have to clean your face before applying the oil. Take care to remove all sweat, dirt, excess oil and grime. A clean surface provides a better area for the oil to sink into and having a cleaner face will help the oil do its job properly.

After cleaning, you need to exfoliate your face. Try using a muslin fabric immersed with a bit of argan oil. Massage the fabric into your skin lightly then wash it off using clean water. Pat the face dry with a clean cloth or towel. You can exfoliate your skin at least 1-2 times a week.

Argan oil is a potent product so a little bit is all you need. Pour 1-2 drops of the oil on your palm and massage the product onto your face, dabbing and rubbing it lightly all over. Let the oil air-dry. The skin will absorb the oil fast and it will feel smooth and hydrated. Apply the oil as needed if you have very dry skin.

Applying argan oil as primer is also a great idea. Unlike typical primers, oils are absorbed by the skin and give excellent hydration for several hours, which leads to longer-lasting makeup.

Use 2 drops of the oil if you have dry skin and 1 drop for oily types. Pour the oil into your palm and rub your hands to distribute the oil. Dab and rub the oil gently on your face before applying foundation.

You can prevent foundation from turning cakey on your skin by combining argan oil and your choice of foundation. Mix the two items together by using a clean, small pot and a makeup brush or a cosmetic sponge. Pour 1-2 drops of the oil to the foundation in the pot, then blend and mix it with the brush or sponge. Apply the mix to your skin as you would with your face base/foundation.

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