VoilaVe Virgin Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Review

VoilaVe Virgin Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Review
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Argan oil doesn’t come cheap! But there are many reasons for its high price in relation to other plant oils used for culinary and cosmetic purposes. This is also true for the VoilaVe Virgin Organic Moroccan Argan Oil with its apparently high-end price.

For one thing, the extraction of oil from the kernels of the argan fruit requires intensive manual labor, mainly because a mechanized process has yet to be invented for it. In fact, it takes hours of manual labor from the harvesting of the fruits to the cracking of the nuts and extracting the oil!

For another thing, the benefits of argan oil cannot be dismissed. Even a small amount directly applied on the skin, hair and nails on a consistent basis, such as daily for the skin and weekly for the hair and nails, yields positive results.

Features of the VoilaVe Virgin Organic Moroccan Argan Oil

100% cold-pressed argan oil with USDA certification

According to its manufacturer, the VoilaVe argan oil only contains a single ingredient – argan oil, of course. There are no fillers, additives and preservatives, such as synthetic coloring and fragrances, added to it so that its integrity can be preserved. There are also no gluten and allergens that can result in adverse side effects, such as itchy or inflamed skin.

But emphasis must be made that people with a nut allergy may not be suitable candidates for its use. Argan oil is made from the nuts of the argan tree so there’s reason to be careful. For relatively healthy people, nonetheless, its use shouldn’t have adverse side effects, especially as VoilaVe argan oil should only be applied topically, not taken orally.

VoilaVe also asserts that its argan oil has USDA organic certification. This means that the argan trees from which the oil was extracted were cultivated using organic methods (i.e., little to no fertilizers) in Morocco, the world’s only source of argan oil. The oil was bottled in the company’s FDA-compliant bottling facility in the United States so its safety is also guaranteed.

Premium quality guaranteed

Due to its authenticity, the VoilaVe argan oil is considered as among the best there is in the market. You can ascertain its premium quality by its look, smell and feel as soon as you open its bottle.

When you first open it, your first observation is that it has a mellow golden yellow color with an almost honey-like consistency when placed on your palm. Such consistency makes it easier to warm the oil between your hands before spreading it over your skin or hair.

Tip: If you buy argan oil and it has a golden brown color, then it’s for culinary uses, usually as a dip or drizzle over breads, pastas, and couscous. The color is due to the roasting of the kernels before oil can be extracted from them.

Bring the warm oil to your nose and you will observe a slightly nutty smell. Don’t be alarmed as it is natural, not to mention that it will fade away a few minutes after its application. You may also mix a few drops of the oil with your store-bought body lotion, face cream, and toner – and the smell almost immediately disappears.

The VoilaVe argan oil has a smooth and silky texture when applied on the skin. Your skin will likely absorb it within 30 seconds or so after application without the oily or greasy residue of other plant oils.  You may even observe that it has a silky smooth texture when rubbed between your fingers.

Get great results on your skin, hair and nails

Does the VoilaVe argan oil work as promised? Yes, it does and most of its users will agree with the statement. Just like with all the best argan oil brands, regular and proper use is essential in getting the desired results.

For your skin, daily use is recommended especially during the winter and fall seasons when the skin is more likely to become dry from the cold air, as well as during the summer season as part of your sun protection measures. Just use 1-2 drops on your face and body, either on its own or mixed with your body lotion and face cream, every day.

For your hair, a single drop will suffice although more may be needed for thick and textured hair or for damaged tresses. You may also use it as a leave-in conditioner, which can be left to sit overnight or for the entire day before rinsing off. You can also apply it after subjecting your hair to curlers, irons, or blow dryers, as a heat protector.

Over time, the significant improvements in the look and feel of your skin and nails will be evident!


  • 100% USDA-certified organic argan oil
  • Comes in a 4-ounce bottle with an easy dispensing top
  • Gives effective results including smoother and suppler skin, bouncier and shinier hair, and healthier nails
  • With 365-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • Safe for use even for kids


  • Slight nutty smell when applied on hair


The VoilaVe Virgin Organic Moroccan Argan Oil may be expensive but every drop is worth the dollars paid for it! With its consistent use, either on its own or as part of your daily beauty routine combined with store-bought lotions and creams, you will enjoy younger-looking skin and hair.

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