Vrai Argan Oil for Body & Hair Review

Vrai Argan Oil for Body & Hair Review
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Many skin and hair care enthusiasts now endorse the use of beauty oils for the hair, face and body. Lots of people use pure oils because they are more potent and can be used on the whole body. One example of such a product is argan oil.

If you want a streamlined beauty routine, nothing beats the benefits that argan oil can bring to your hair, body and face. Invest in a high-quality bottle of argan oil and apply it to your hair for smoothness and hydration. You can also apply it to the face for a radiant and youthful complexion and on the body for all-over smoothness and vitality.

If you are looking for a good argan oil product to try out, check out this review of Vrai Argan Oil for Body & Hair.

Features of the Vrai Argan Oil for Body & Hair

  • Made by one of France’s best-known perfume houses, Fragonard
  • Includes 95 percent genuine and pure almond extract
  • Facilitates hydration and repair for skin, hair and body
  • Gives hair shine and manageability
  • Comes in 100 ml. bottle


Argan oil is considered to be one of the best moisturizing products out there. It is a versatile beauty oil since it can be used on the whole body. It has superior hydrating qualities and is all natural to boot. It is even gentle on sensitive skin so you won’t have to worry about adverse reactions to it.

Argan oil is a pretty concentrated product so you only need to use a little bit at a time. Adding it to your beauty regimen is often easy and it works quite well with the majority of other skin care products and cosmetics.

Apart from pure argan oil products, lots of companies also incorporate the oil into their line of argan products such as shampoos, treatments, lotions, moisturizers and other sorts of skin/hair items.

The Vrai range from Fragonard prioritizes the importance of natural ingredients. The range’s core ingredient is argan oil, which is an oil that comes from the nuts of the argan tree from the deserts of Morocco. This oil is considered an essential beauty product by lots of skin and hair care enthusiasts due to the high amounts of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that it contains.

Argan oil works well to repair damaged hair and skin plus it is also an excellent anti-aging product. In fact, North African women have relied on the oil for centuries to fight the effects of sun and wind damage on their hair and skin.

Experts also celebrate the oil because of its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to heal scars and soften skin. This product includes argan oil but the company decided to supplement the benefits of the product with other ingredients like lemon verbena for a great scent and a slower deterioration of elastin and collagen. Adding lemon verbena also helps in making the product lighter with less grease upon application. Users can apply the oil on clean, dry skin and hair. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

You can also try leaving the product on your hair overnight as a treatment if you have damaged hair. Try using it regularly to repair the damage and restore the health of your locks. You can apply the oil on dry patches as well to make them smooth and silky. If you want faster-growing hair, try massaging the oil onto your scalp for a few minutes to facilitate hair growth.

This Vrai product is quite versatile since you can use it on your hair, hands, neck and anywhere else on your body that needs a quick moisture pickup. You can use the product as your sole moisturizer or use it in conjunction with other skin care products.

While the thought of applying oil on your face might seem a tad much, argan oil products actually balance oil production to prevent oil from going haywire. The product is not greasy so application is a joy and can be done even on humid days and nights.


One drawback of the product was the packaging. While it is conveniently packaged in a bottle with a pump, which is ideal for travel, the pump gives off too much product. This can be frustrating since argan oil products only require a small amount for application. You can control it somewhat with practice, but improving the design of the pump would be a good idea.


The Vrai Argan Oil for Body & Hair is something you might want to check out if you want an all-in-one argan oil product. You can save money by investing in this product instead of buying separate items. The product works to soothe the skin and can improve hydration, repair damaged hair, soften cuticles and restore general skin and hair health.

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