What Is Argan Oil?

What Is Argan Oil
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Argan oil is praised the world over due to the sheer number of advantages it offers. It is popularly known as Moroccan oil and comes from argan tree kernels. Argan oil includes high amounts of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids and also contains a compound known as tocopherol, or vitamin E.

What Is Argan Oil and What Does It Do?

What is argan oil and why is it so popular in the beauty industry? Argan oil is used in beauty products due to its super-moisturizing properties and ability to boost skin quality. It is included in lots of skin and hair care products, but can also be used on its own.

Argan oil is also referred to as liquid gold and it is extracted from argan tree fruits which grow mainly in Morocco. Cultivating this tree requires plenty of effort and hard work and is often done by local women working in cooperatives.

Typically, it takes several days to churn out just 1 liter of argan oil. Several African countries are doing their part to preserve and take care of these trees through reforestation projects. These reforestation projects are required so Argan trees will still be around long into the future.

Female Berber women work in fair trade cooperatives to produce argan oil. This involves cracking the nuts using a hand positioned between 2 stones. This is a method that has been used for centuries. To this day, the raw kernels are still not extracted from their tough shells by machine.

The nuts are then ground in a stone grinder manually and kneaded for several hours. They are cold-pressed into oil. It will take a single worker 3 days to produce a liter of the oil, which is the reason why this particular oil is considered by many as a valuable product.

Argan oil is believed to be one of the best and most high-quality beauty products available in the market today. It is absolutely natural, gives superior hydration and is gentle to sensitive skin. It is a potent oil so a small amount goes a long way. You can use it on your hair and skin, and some even consume small amounts orally for its health-giving qualities.

Using a bit of argan oil can help tame frizzy ends. It adds lots of moisture to dry, damaged hair and also gives your locks a healthier shine. You can apply oil to your hair while it is still damp from showering as a general treatment. You can also apply it on the ends only to smooth those flyaway strands whenever your hair feels dry.

If you feel like your scalp is drier than usual, you can also give argan oil a shot. Put a bit of argan oil on a cotton ball, allow it to soak the oil up and just pat your scalp with the product. Doing this before going to bed will give the scalp lots of time to absorb the moisturizing properties of the oil prior to washing your hair in the morning.

Many praise argan oil for its ability to improve skin quality. It can be used on all skin types including dry, normal, combination and even oily skin. While it may seem counter-intuitive to apply oil on oily skin, argan oil actually balances the natural oil production of oily skin types, which leads to better skin health and quality.

Argan oil adds radiance and the hydrating benefits will also ease wrinkles and assist in plumping up your skin. Before putting on SPF for the day, make sure to apply a bit of the oil on your skin.

Argan oil is also great as a body moisturizer. You can apply the oil like a cream or lotion. Put some on while your skin is still damp after showering for optimal results. The oil is also an excellent treatment for the hands, particularly the cuticles. If you often experience dry and brittle cuticles, you can apply the oil on those parts. Well-moisturized hands are a wonder to look at.

Because argan oil is the product of a labor-intensive process, the oil is quite expensive. However, it will last for a good while. It is also a versatile product since you can use it for the whole body, thereby money on buying lots of different products. You can cut back on buying hair treatments, skin and hand care products and just rely on Argan oil instead.

So what is argan oil? It is a natural oil that has lots of benefits for your skin, hair and hands.

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